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6015 100th St. Southwest
Lakewood, WA 98499

6015 100th St. Southwest | Lakewood, WA 98499 | 253-582-2626


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We want you to know that you all were SO wonderful during our nearly 10 years there! Your staff was always amazing and your dedication and service to our family was above and beyond. THANK YOU! As a family with a special needs child it can be beyond difficult to find staff that are eager to serve and knowledgeable, gentle, and kind. Your service in this area especially was exemplary!

Pediatric dental associates are fantastic! I was fairly nervous when I brought my son in for his first appointment- but everyone was fantastic and put my mind to rest. They explained everything to my son in a kid-friendly fashion and made it fun for him to have his teeth checked. The dentist was gracious and helpful even when my little one got a little scared! Looking forward to the next appointment and am so glad I picked this dentist office!

We are so glad we made an appointment with Pediatric Dental Associates. The dentists are awesome, They made such a great impression on my eight year old son Davhin that I am bringing my other two children here for there check-up. I recommend Pediatric Dental Associates to everyone who has a child in need of dental work. They will leave there with a whole new outlook on dentistry. Thanks, Pediatric Dentistry Sherie & Davhin

I have been bringing my almost normal and disabled children to PD for many years now and the service my children receive is outstanding. Not all my children are easy children to do dental work on but the staff is always optimistic, kind and very skilled with what they do. My children get such warm and gentle care and I am also always treated so nicely...I always tell other parents looking for a dental care to take their children to Pediatric Dental in Lakewood. You are all wonderful...

All three of my kids had appointments today. I have to say I am so impressed with your office; this is only our second time being here. My youngest Savannah was able to finally over come her fear and had her work done like a champ... I cannot tell you how thankful I am and what a relief it is as a Mom knowing her teeth are taken care of... sincerely from my heart thank you so very much. :)

My son is 3, after the appointment was over he said that he had fun at the dentist. I really liked the staff, they are so friendly and I thank them all on how they made my son feel so comfortable.

Amazing service! After we left my son said I love Dr Su, can we go there every day?. My daughter is usually apprehensive about going to the dentist, she was so comfortable:)

Dr. Chen is very good! I wish we found his office sooner so won't have wasted time with other orthodontists! He speaks to us directly and explains everything very well.

The staff and dentists are always so nice! The office is very clean and my kids enjoy going to the dentist! I appreciate all the effort that goes into keeping my kids comfy while they are there. We live in Puyallup and I do not mind the drive to come to an office where the staff does so much for my kids. Thank you!


I so appreciate everyone in your office. That is why I drive from Tacoma to come and see all of you! Thank you!

My 22 month old son had an AMAZING first trip to the dentist, and we are so happy that we chose Pediatric Dental Associates! I've never seen any doctor who could calm my rambunctious son down and get him to cooperate as well as they did! You can tell that the staff are experts with children and what they do! We will always be more than happy to return to Pediatric Dental Associates! Everything about our visit was so close to perfect it seems unreal! We look forward to seeing you all again! My son can't stop talking about the Dentist, you all gave him a positive way to think about going to the dentist for his routine check-up's! We couldn't be more pleased! Thank you :)

I can't say that my husband was super excited to bring my daughter in today for fear of what could have possibly taken place as our daughter is a friendly yet very strong willed personality. What I can say is my husband is a tough man to impress but he was completely floored at how well your Staff and Doctor's took care of him and our 16 month old daughter who's very first dentist appointment was today. He was shocked at the ease of her visit. He enjoyed the feedback and tips provided so that we can continue to encourage and promote healthy habits in our daughter. Thank You.

Dr. Su is kind, patient, and knowledgeable as she serves my two boys. Thank you so much.

All three of my kids said they felt comfortable and everyone was nice. Even my 4 year old days she can't wait to go back!!!

The staff, hygienist and dentist were all amazing with my kids. They were so patient when my oldest wouldn't cooperate and worked really hard to try to calm him down and help him to be comfortable.. I am so glad that we found PDA!

The orthodontist is ALWAYS on time and will accept my daughter in early if he is available. Nice, clean and friendly atmosphere; I am comfortable sending my daughter into the office alone

Both of my children had fillings and even an extraction. Neither one has complained of pain or the slightest discomfort. I was confident in their abilities due to the fact our pediatrician referred us, and now that has been confirmed. To top it off I was able to get work done at a private desk (provided for their waiting guests) while I waited.

We came in without an appointment, my son had a spacer bar come out. We were told on the phone to get in as soon as possible. As soon as we came out of the elevator they took him back to be seen. They re-cemented his bar and we were out within 20 min. I have been coming to Pediatric Dental Associates for nearly 18 years. Wouldn't go anywhere else !!!!

You guys are awesome! You've kept the commitment to the community alive. The consistently high quality in a timely manner keeps my boys, and me, looking forward to seeing you every six months!

Hygienist did a great job engaging my son and easing any fears. Dr. Su was great at explaining any issues and providing positive feedback for my boys.

This is how all dental practices should run. Always on time, friendly, polite and efficient. All the staff are wonderful with the kids. If they accepted adult patients I would go there myself.

My kids have been coming here for more than 10 years, and I wish my older kids could still come here! Your staff is always friendly and they work hard to find appointment times that work with my busy schedule.

I was happy with the visit, the assistant took time and showed my son the instruments and let him touch and put them on his teeth first. he was better at this visit. He still needs the private room. He does not sit there very long and I appreciate that both the assistant and dentist did work quickly. thank you for your patience with him, I appreciate the caring, compassion that you have in your job, in what you do. It showed at his visit.

This was my 3 year old daughters first experience at the dentist. The Dental Assistant was very kind and explained every step of the annual procedures to my daughter. The staff was very patient and wonderful. My daughter told me upon leaving she had a fun time. I would highly recommend this dental office to anyone searching for a New Pediatric Dentist office.

I have been bringing my children to Pediatric Dental for many years and have always been so pleased with the excellent care my children have received. Many of my adopted children over the years have been special needs and the dentist and wonderful assistants have always been so caring and sensitive to my children's needs and have always been supportive and positive no matter how hard the children been. I have recommended Pediatric dental to many people/friends. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Great staff. It is a long drive for us but worth the quality of care we get here. Thanks.

I really appreciated how patient the staff was with my daughter and how they took the time to explain everything they were going to do before they did it. I feel that it helped keep my daughter calm during the appointment and I plan on recommending anyone I know in search of a dentist for their kid to Pediatric Dental Associates

The place is very clean and suitable, the staff were very generous and helpful and they answer your questions. They make you feel very comfortable. They treat you like family. I appreciate them and the services provided to my child. Thank you Pediatrics Dental Assoc.

Our Boys actually looking forward to their dental Appt. They are not afraid or scared at all, that is because the whole environment makes the visit so pleasant.

Everyone I talked to was very helpful. I have two children with special needs and when I called to schedule and appointment I was reassured to know that this office is experienced in dealing with a variety of special needs. Additionally, the information I provided about one of my son's sensitivities and my concerns were taken to heart. Accommodations were made to make him feel comfortable and ease any anxieties about his teeth cleaning. I am very happy with the care my son received and especially impressed by the caring staff.

Everyone was wonderful!!! Scottlynn was at ease and comfortable. Very impressed! When I called a couple hours later because she had developed a rash after her exam the doctor quickly took my call and put my worries at ease! Thank you so much for treating the love of my life like a PRINCESS! LOVE LOVE LOVE the experience!

I have been taking my children to your office for 15 years. We have never had an assistant or dentist we didn't like. Can't say enough good things about your office. Thank You!

I do refer others to Pediatric Dental Associates. I also have left to get a dentist closer in my area as I live in Bonney Lake. I think I got spoiled with your services as I was not satisfied with the services I received elsewhere and came back traveling all the way from Bonney Lake to get the care and services I get at your office.

Everyone was very friendly, I enjoy taking my children in. My daughters also enjoy going to the dentist which is more then I can say for most kids, or even myself. Thank you for being such an amazing dental office.

I was completely impressed with the interaction the staff had with my daughter.

The staff were professional, and friendly. I liked the way my kids were treated. I would definitely refer a friend.

Thank you all so much! I appreciate your fast response and getting my son an appointment the same day I called even though my son wasn't a patient before. He was scared to go to the dentist, and when he left he laughed and said there was nothing to be scared of. He told me that you guys were so sweet and took great care of him! And since my son is the love of my life I appreciate every single 1 of you for taking the best care of the person that matters most to me! Thank you so much!!

Once again, the staff is AMAZING!! they are always friendly, they always do there job professionally.. I love bringing my son and daughter here.. you guys rock!!

Very nice dental office. Staff is friendly. Doctors are very nice. They take the time to explain the dental situation. Very fast service. Best dental clinic I've been to. I would highly recommend this dental office to others.

I have been bringing my children to this office for years. I have always had great experiences. The staff is friendly and dentists very diligent in ensuring the kids are taking good care of their teeth and fixing anything that needs help. Thank you so much!

Jeff is never afraid to come see the dentist and that wasn't always the case. He really likes the dr. here and everyone is so nice to him.

We are so thankful for your incredibly kind business practices. My daughter needs extra care and attention to gain the trust of those who work on her teeth and she receives it with each visit. Thank you so much.

I love this dental office. My son has a fear of the dentist but they are so great with him. Thank you for also checking with me before doing any extra work. That is great customer service you don't get everywhere.

Our hygienist was amazing with my nervous 3 year old. She was friendly , patient, fun and explained and helped my daughter through each step of her first cleaning! Thanks so much for such a pleasant experience!!

My two children have been visiting this office for a few years. I took in my niece and insisted she switch here as well. They are always kind and welcoming. When there is further work to be done they make sure I understand why and what is expected. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a child friendly dentist office.